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Get immediate access to the EDGE. A course that guides the student-athlete with systems and strategies to take Effective Action, develop Discipline, Grow mentally, and Expand reflectively.

Right now, you're in a  place to achieve championship confidence. It's time to smile and be happy about your performance.

  • Get ultimate RESPECT from your teachers and coaches
  • Lead your team to an amazing season
  • Crush your competition
  • Have your mail box over flowing with college recruiting letters
  • Dominate your sport
  • Have the last word with your haters
  • Earn tons of amazing scholarship offers
  • Become the epitome of excellence for decades to come


Imagine finally waking up on Saturday morning with a smile and enough energy to power the house. After 6 weeks, you finally broke out of your shell. Your game is lights out! Last night, you out hustled everyone from both teams. You were nominated team captain before last night's game. And having a monster game on offense and defense sealed the deal. 

First up, Instagram and Facebook. A few pics and status updates. You notice one grumbly post from an upper-classmen who played terrible in front of 27 D-1 recruiters.

You get up, fill your glass with orange juice, and check your email.

What do you see?

You received 13 D-1 offers in less than 24 hours.

While sipping your orange juice, you read ESPN Magazine. Your phone buzzes. A text... You smile -- it's not just another recruiter -- it's the head coach from a D-1 school. They're ranked 10th nationally.

Welcome to THE EDGE. A course designed to help the student-athlete and parent achieve academic and athletic excellence. Engineered for the motivated and struggling student-athlete who wants to conquer fear, crush competition, and achieve amazing results.

Sign-up now and get:

  • The #1 mistake made by 90% of student-athletes
  • Secrets to competing that most athletes never figure out
  • Remove all mental barriers and uncertainties

Learn how to:

  • Communicate effectively and confidently with teachers, coaches, and teammates
  • Develop leadership skills while getting more respect
  • Prepare for the social and psychological rigors of collegiate and professional athletics
  • Get the results you want and sleep better at night
  • Secure your position and playing time

If you're not satisfied with this course after purchase, you'll be refunded 100% within 24 hours. 

Dana G. 

Realtor, Mom, Althlete, Community philanthropist 

I recently joined the Sports Mastery Program, I was entertained by the quiz first, inspired by the podcast and motivated to get organized. I am rarely challenged in my daily job so it made me want to polish my game and get organized. It translated into career, workout goals and lifestyle. Thanks for keeping me sharp and on my toes.

I showed my daughter Ainsly the podcast and shared some of your teachings yesterday with her.  Here's what she said...

Sometimes I feel alone and I'm always worried about what my teammates think. I am not playing well. I think that I'm not good enough and that’s why they don’t pass the ball to me.

I learned I shouldn’t care what anyone thinks or does I should just be the best me for me. Thanks Deshawn I thought I was alone in my thoughts. You inspired me. Ainsly Griggs PCU Soccer 

Kandi S. -                                                                 

Thank you is not enough to express how much we appreciate you! Three years ago, When Logan began working with you, he was a chubby, distracted, and sloppy athlete. But, he was determined and motivated, and he showed up day, after day, after day. You outlined a system that clearly works, and you gave Logan the tools to believe in himself! You took our life and situation into account, and allowed him to create a picture of what success looks like to him. Then, through the Sports Mastery program, you showed him how to obtain it. It takes a lot of things, including, hard work, mental toughness, setting goals, staying focused, tough skin, and constant accountability, but without one key element, YOU, none of it was tangible. You have helped him on every platform, and in every aspect of his life. Physically, Mentally, Spiritually. Again, Thank you is not enough! This is as much your accomplishment as it is Logan's. Without you, none of it would have been possible!! I'm excited about his future and extremely grateful to have you by our side!!! With much love and gratitude, I say... Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!

Robin R. -

My Daughter has worked with DeShawn since 8th grade. He has helped prepare her to meet her goals; excel in her chosen sport and with every day life challenges.  Due to his training, knowledge and uplifting motivation, I would recommend his services to anyone; especially youth seeking positive motivation with a tough, disciplined workout program.

Trevor C. -  

 I am currently playing hockey in the farm system for the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche. I am now 22 years old going into my third season of professional hockey. I have been training competitively now for 7 years at numerous high performance training facilities.

 DeShawn digs deeper than just what your physical body can do. The way he helps you approach the mental aspect of your sport is phenomenal. The addition of his mental training is the main reason I would recommend anyone who has the chance to train with him to do it.

DeShawn’s professionalism, integrity, and knowledge set him apart from many other trainers in his field. His personality and support is what keeps me a loyal client and friend.

David V. McHenry PT, DPT -

Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist
Certified Orthopaedic Manual Therapist
Lead Therapist and Strength Coach for Nike Oregon ProjectTherapeuticAssociates
Portland Athletic Center of Excellence

I’ve known DeShawn for several years, and have had the pleasure of collaborating and learning from him over the course of that time. He has been working as one of the many strength coaches in my facility, the Portland Athletic Center of Excellence (PACE). I have seen him work with kids, adults and have seen him work in both group and one-on-one setting, all of which with incredible skill and professionalism.

Not only does he have the natural talent as a strength coach, dedicating himself to a lifetime of learning, but also is a great mentor for the kids he works with. Through athletics he teaches discipline, accountability, teamwork, self-respect, perseverance and dedication to the pursuit of excellence. Athletes' will succeed on the field and in their lives.

DeShawn is exceptional at what he does, and will continue to have tremendous impact on his athletes and his colleagues. I’d recommend him to any of my athletes, as I know they’d be in great hands and would get exceptional coaching.

If you have any specific questions or would like a verbal recommendation for DeShawn then don’t hesitate to call at your convenience.

Jason L. Pittman - 

Owner 503 West Coast Jiu-Jitsu

Professional MMA Fighter

Working with a person like DeShawn Fontleroy is a true reward. DeShawn is extremely detail oriented. He makes it his number one priority to understand the specific needs of every "individual". DeShawn understands that everyone is unique and he always finds a way to deliver the very best service to each and every client he encounters, regardless of age, gender, or experience level. His level of professionalism is equally refreshing, be it timeliness, follow up, research, as well as future planning., DeShawn remains on the top of his game. I have personally improved two extremely nagging and painful issues with my body by working with DeShawn and going through his mental toughness program. 

 I invite you to study and apply the information and material presented here. Take action and do the work! All I ask is you watch the results. I’m confident you’ll be impressed.

I built this course over YEARS, after studying both academic psychology and peak performance psychology. Then I tested what I learned  in my personal life and with the athletes' that I train. 

This course isn’t just about going D-1, making the Olympics, or turning PRO (though you can use it to do that). It’s about truly understanding how to reach out to people in a way that moves them to take action. It’s about behavioral change -- my life’s work. And if I can help by assisting you with systems and strategies to get a new job, start a business, lose weight, speak up for yourself, graduate from a university, or tackle your PhD...I consider it a job well done.

Peak Performance Coach

DeShawn Fontleroy

DeShawn Fontleroy is a Peak Performance Coach that helps individuals and groups reach their hopes and dreams, overcome their pains and fears, and destroy all barriers and limitations. He has worked with high school, college, and professional athletes. Through practical and systematic strategies DeShawn helps athletes master their confidence, strengthen their mental toughness, increase their social intelligence, and achieve their goals.As a young athlete, I didn’t have anyone to guide me through the field of land mines that the student-athlete faces. There was no one to talk to about partying, peer pressure, and dating, and how all of these things could influence my performance, and my future.There was no one to discuss creating a legacy, defining my purpose, setting goals, mental toughness, decision making, or social dynamics. As a result, I struggled through much of high school and college, never really reaching my genetic and mental potential. Peer pressure, trying to fit in, partying, binge drinking, experimenting with recreational drugs were just a few things that held me back. Looking back, I wish I had someone that had been through that experience. Someone who could have helped me navigate those land mines in a more mindful and constructive way. It would have saved me a lot of pain, misery, and hardship.I would have had an EDGE.That’s why I’m super excited to share with you the next chapter of SPORTS MASTERY.Every aspiring athlete needs a good CORNER MAN. Yes, you heard me right… “CORNER MAN”!The corner man gives you that EDGE that know one else has. [How does the corner man do this?]You’ve got to have a corner man. The corner man helps bridge the gap in communication between student-athlete and parent. He is also the bridge between student-athlete and coach. He’s an expert in everything and he sees both sides of the aisle. He can advise as to the integration of this program and how to move forward with everything basically. The corner man, in my view, really becomes the key link.You also need your family. You need people to be responsible to that will call you to a higher game academically, athletically, socially and professionally. Perhaps, take you to a place you’re not going to be able to go yourself. We need that.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Everyday EDGE - Introduction

    • Welcome

    • Building Mental Skills - An Introduction

    • The Everyday EDGE - Introduction

    • Transcript: The Everyday EDGE - Introduction

    • The Everyday EDGE - Introduction MP3

    • Quiz: End of Chapter

  • 2

    E - Effective Action

    • Effective Action

    • Transcript: Effective Action

    • Effective Action MP3

    • Quiz: End of Chapter

    • End of Chapter Questions

  • 3

    D - Discipline

    • Discipline

    • Transcript: Discipline

    • Discipline MP3

    • PMR - Progressive Muscle Relaxation

    • Quiz: End of Chapter

    • End of Chapter Questions

  • 4

    G - Growth

    • Growth

    • Transcript: Growth

    • Growth MP3

    • 10 Strategies for Growth

    • Quiz: End of Chapter

  • 5

    E - Expansion

    • Expansion

    • Transcript: Expansion

    • Expansion MP3

    • More Reflective Questions:

    • Visualization

    • Quiz: End of Chapter

  • 6

    Bonus 1

    • Concentration

  • 7

    Bonus 2

    • Meditation

  • 8

    Bonus 3

    • Confidence Missions

    • MISSION 1: Evaluate Yourself

    • MISSION 2: Set Your Goals

    • MISSION 3: Small Talk

    • MISSION 4: Windows to the Soul

    • MISSION 5: Find Mr. Moviefone

    • Sports Mastery Workbook